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Terravista covers two Natural Heritage Private Reserves, areas of environmental importance and public interest created in perpetuity by the development owners, with a total area of 362.53 hectares (895.8 acres). Besides these Atlantic Forest conservation areas, there are also 71 hectares (175 acres) of Legal Reserves, which are areas where urbanization is not permitted.

Since 2005, Terravista has had a Socio-environmental Responsibility Plan with actions for the community and the internal public, including lectures on environmental issues, planting of trees, informational visits, environmental campaigns and implementation of gardens in schools. In 2008, the Irene Gail Institute was created. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes better conditions for children, youth and adults through sports activities in Terravista, like golf lessons for children in public schools, caddy training, and the youth golf team, among others.